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Grant Application Welcome

Dear Applicant,

The Women’s Club of Newburgh, through its volunteer efforts, endeavors to enrich, educate and improve the quality of life for all citizens in the community. The Grant Review Committee brings the core beliefs of the Women’s Club of Newburgh into action as it allocates funds to innovate projects. Applicants are evaluated on how closely their charitable intent is consistent with our position statements.


The Women’s Club of Newburgh pledges to give an equal opportunity for all non-profit applicants of local organizations meeting the requirements stated herein. Funds will be allocated on the basis of need relative to the population served, Examples of areas considered for funding include:


  • Aging

  • Children

  • Cultural and Economic Development

  • Domestic Violence

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Substance Abuse

  • Volunteerism

  • Women


The Women’s Club of Newburgh will challenge all awarded applicants to be good stewards and with due diligence to complete what has been proposed.


Thank you for your dedication to the needs of our community.




Donna Robinson

President, Women’s Club of Newburgh

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