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Women's Club of Newburgh, Inc. 

The WCN currently only accept check or money order- Please report anyone asking for paypal, venmo or forms of payment other than check or money order.

Number of Booths

4 x 11 @$45

6 x 9@$50

8 X 10@ $60


Tables @ $15

Electricity $10

*Note: To secure your space for next year's show all festival fees need to be paid in full by end of this year's show. No Refunds, $20 will be charged due to insufficient funds on all returned checks.


I understand all the requirements regarding the Women's Club of Newburgh, Inc. Arts and Crafts Festival and I agree to comply. I also agree to hold harmless the Women's Club of Newburgh, Inc. and Castle High School for any accidents, theft or damages during the Arts and Crafts Festival.

Please mail your application, photos, and a check for your booth requirements to:

Women's Club of Newburgh, Inc. P.O. Box 174, Newburgh, IN 47629-0174


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