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Grant Application Instructions

The grant application will be available from September 2023 and must be submitted for consideration by January 17, 2024, for all applications.

The sponsoring Women's Club of Newburgh member's signature must be included on the application.  Before applying, please review all the steps necessary including the Cover Letter, Position Statements, Instructions, Application 2023-2024, and Follow-Up Report.

All Grants awarded in May 2024 require a representative from the non-profit organization receiving the grant to be present in order to receive the grant funds.

Grant Eligibility:

Non-profit organizations that provide services to Warrick County residents are eligible to apply.  However, programs need not be limited only to Warrick County residents.

Grant funding will not cover travel, freight/shipping, salaries, rent, conference fees or housing.

On your application, please explain in depth how this program/project will benefit the residents of Warrick County.

Grant recipients that have received funding for 2 (two) consecutive years will be ineligible for 1 (one) fiscal year.  

Deadline: All applications and attachments must be postmarked by 5:00 pm January 17th, 2024.  Please do not email documents that do not have physical signatures.  (At this time we are not accepting electronic signatures and must have an ink-scribed signature from both the organization's chief executive and a member of the Women's Club of Newburgh.  If you have both of those, you can scan and email the application to  We would prefer that you mail the documentation and application to the following address.  No late or incomplete applications will be considered.

Mailing address:

Women's Club of Newburgh, Inc.

P.O. Box 174

Newburgh, IN 47629-0174

Attn: Grant Application

Signatures: The application must be signed and dated by the applicant's Executive Director and the sponsoring Women's Club of Newburgh member.  While we encourage organizations to apply which have WCN members, members should not sign the application if they are on the grant committee and serve in a leadership capacity in the applying organization.  Grant committee members are required to disclose connections with applying organizations.

Required Attachments:

  • Proof of 501 (C)3 tax-exempt status.

  • Budget Worksheet of all proposed expenses that funds would apply to if granted.

  • Current board roster with professional affiliations.

Fiscal Year: The grant year used by WCN for Grant Applications is defined as the most recent complete Fiscal Year. All applicants must use this funding period to provide the information requested in the grant application.

Award Notification: Mid-April, all approved applications will be notified, in writing, that their grant application to acquire needed funds for their service project has been approved.  The awarded grant will be presented to them at the WCN monthly meeting and luncheon on the second Tuesday in May.  A representative from all approved grant applications is REQUIRED to be present at the meeting's award ceremony to receive their funds.  Only written notification is official.  Word of mouth does not count.

If Awarded: All organizations that have received grants in this cycle are required to complete the Follow-Up Report. The deadline for this report is September 1st.  You may email your follow-up report to  Failure to submit a follow-up report may disqualify organizations from future grants.  If the project/program for which the grant is presented is ongoing or not complete by the deadline, please submit a progress report and denote it as such.  Please see the follow-up report section with the grant information on our website.


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